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Ptah Sculpture (first attempt)

Finally came to make photos omg
Not as accurate to my original Character as I would have liked it to be, but for a first try on a bigger sculpture Im actually quiet happy with it.

30 minute challenge
Been a bit since the last challenge, couldnt finish the pic in time. But I will continue to work on it! 

Cats in a Row


This took so long…Artbook Illustration, all of my Cat OCs on one picture.
Half of these I havent drawn for AGES, drawing them brought back old memories :’D 
From Left to right: My still unnamed Dawn Kitten, Color, Topsie and Tilly (my beloved cats as cartoon characters), “Ayachat”, Anoki, Lee and Mod Cat.

The blue one was probably my first fursona, I named her “Lee” instead of Ellen or Elli. I drew her as a baby to represent my younger self meeting the almost grown up I am now with my Mod Cat.

Color Palette Challenges!
Palettes taken by a-lonely-me

Part of work for my semester project, an own art book :3
At the moment Im stuck with my Cat OCs, next Im gonna focus on exotic creatures when Im done with this chapter.
My Cats look SO WEIRD with these colors xD Especially the last one.

While cleaning up my computer, I stumbled across some pencil drawings I did 2 years ago in a portfolio course before applying for the Alsterdamm Graphic School.
I dont remember sharing them before so here you go! :D

I finally came to colour some sketches of my creatures again.
The gods of the ability to choose fitting names are not on my side today

Pencil sketch, lineart and color done in photoshop cs6


First App Background done. Yes I like dis.

Currently working on a Flash Game, get a Vibe of how its going to look like!