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    I felt like this needed to be posted on my official art blog, because I am very happy with these motives <3

    This little Series will be available as postcards at BUCK CON 2014 (23-24 of August in Manchester, UK)
    Go visit my Table (25b)! I’ll be selling together with a great team of friends on my side :D You can find our tables under "ALICORN MAFIA".
    This will be my very first convention, already really excited for it :D

    Please do NOT repost these pictures. Please reblog the original post! Thank you so much <3

    Cats in a Row


    This took so long…Artbook Illustration, all of my Cat OCs on one picture.
    Half of these I havent drawn for AGES, drawing them brought back old memories :’D 
    From Left to right: My still unnamed Dawn Kitten, Color, Topsie and Tilly (my beloved cats as cartoon characters), “Ayachat”, Anoki, Lee and Mod Cat.

    The blue one was probably my first fursona, I named her “Lee” instead of Ellen or Elli. I drew her as a baby to represent my younger self meeting the almost grown up I am now with my Mod Cat.

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